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About Us

Agonia.Net is one of the main projects run by the EDO Foundation (Fundatia EDO). The foundation is a cultural non-profit organization (NGO) established in Europe / Romania, who's main objective is to promote literacy, creativity and cultural exchange. The projects include several web projects as well numerous off-line projects. Amount the most important ones are several literary antologies and a few large events with mass and open participation.


Agonia.Net is a literary exchange project started in the early ninetees. Since its inception the EDO Foundation has run the project with the main purpose of supplying a free and open platform for every writer to use and enjoy.
As it grew, the literary portal has expanded from the original language of Romanian to several other mainstream languages and is now featured in 10 languages with more to come.

Next Steps


Our main ongoing project is the rewrite of the website. We're working with a team of developers to redesign the interface of the website and redo all the technical facilities the users have known and loved.
Several new features are in development, and if you are willing to get involved let us know by sending us an email or by commenting on the announcement articles that are periodically published on the website.


As soon as our main online project will be launched we will have a brand new platform, with lots of features and development opportunities, to relaunch a few of the old projects as well as create new ones.
One of the most important offline projects on the list are the literary workshops. We are in advanced talks with several volunteers to start organizing a creative workshop for our our members and visitors.
The web platform will be augmented with a platform for editing and publishing printed books. Our members and visitors will be guided and helped with the entire process, from creation to taking out the books.
Several other exciting ideas and projects are on our pipeline, so be sure to drop us a message if you want to get involved.

Fundatia EDO

The foundation is a registered NGO in Romania, with the following details:

Fiscal Code: 9311892 / 03.Aprilie.1997
IBAN: RO63RNCB0072096522610001
Bank: BCR Bucuresti Sector 1

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