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Haiku about Spring
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2010-04-10  | [この作品をこのようにご覧ください english]    |  次の方が提供されました Maria Tirenescu

Haiku about Spring (1)

I post haiku about the tug-of-war between spring and winter.

Spring is gradually showing its power and energy over winter about this time of the year.

Tug - of - war
the frozen ropes thawing
spring boat

Tug - of - war
the bald branches budding
spring willow

Haiku about Spring (2)

I happened to see birds moving in pine woods on a warm spring day.

Early spring ―
worms feel warm
in atmosphere

Early spring ―
birds quicken their motion
in cravings

Haiku about Spring (3)

Here in Akita spring has just begun to display its own phases around us.

Beside rocks
adonis come out ―
the new stage

On the stage
adonis shine out ―
the new light

Haiku about Spring (4)

Some birds are gone and others are coming here in Akita.

The pheasant
appears in the sun
leading wildlife

The pheasant
greets in the sun
assuming a pose

Haiku about Spring (5)

Camellia is translated into Japanese as '椿' (tsubaki), which is made up of two words, ' 木 ' (tree) and '春 ' (spring). This shows that 'camellia' is the tree which announces spring.

open the curtain
red petals out

brighten the yard
zen temple there

Haiku about Spring (6)

On a spring day I happened to take a stroll in the woods after it snowed that morning.

I found butterburs come out in the fields.

come out of the ground ―
the spirits of the earth

Spring snow
washes the spirits ―

Haiku about Spring (7)

The other day I happened to go to the foot of Mt. Taihei (太平山)in Akita City.

Spring mountain
taking a deep breath
in the sun

The setting sun
shading spring mountain
into dusk

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